Hello Friends,

Danielle here. Putting on my best Ira Glass voice in order to ask you to help us out this year with Slut Walk. We works hard to create an event that is responsive to the needs of our community and works towards addressing the diverse issues of victim-blaming faced by marginalized groups. That is why this year, we’ve lines up some amazing speakers to address our theme: “Race and Gender: Intersection and Inseparable Oppressions”.

We’re also putting out a call for art work for logos and posters. 

We believe in working together as a community and a part of that means showing appreciation for the efforts of others. Money isn’t everything, but it is one way we can help those who are helping us. It is important to Slut Walk Edmonton that we are able to pay our speakers and artists for their contributions. It’s just the right thing to do. 

However, that means we need the community to support us too. If you believe in the work that we do, we need you to donate. Please. Stop whatever you are doing and donate now. It’s important. Don’t put it off. You contribution will go towards proving food for the event, supplies for people to make signs, and paying the speakers and artists. 

We are collecting funds this year through an Indegogo Campaign. Go here to donate.

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Wow so There’s a Campaign to Make O’Canada Gender Neutral Again


All Canadians Ever Live Here

Did you hear that some women in Canada want to change our historic anthem to make it more gender neutral? Margaret Atwood and former lady prime minister Kim Campbell are throwing their support behind the initiative.

Instead of “in all thy sons command” they’ve suggested “in all of us command”. I mean originally it was “thou dost in us command” but we changed it in 1913 to praise the men who stood for our freedom. When women do something like that maybe then we will deserve praise.

As an obscure feminist writer I was again shocked to see that some of my feminist sisters continue to care about things like the presumed assumption of masculinity. Now some of those boooooring feminists would point to a systemic erasure of non conforming genders binaries or women by presuming every thing male. To those ladies I say wake up! We already won and can vote and everything. It’s been like 100 years.
You see everyone just knows when we use “he”, “his”, or “sons” that we really mean everyone ok? Get your panties out of a twist and start thinking about real problems like how women are treated in the Middle East.  If we started to use “she”, “her”, or “daughters” men would feel really excluded from the conversations we are having everyday and that isn’t fair. Why do we just expect that men should be ok with being erased?
Plus like, I’m a woman and I’m not offended by it.
I read this comment by a guy about this whole DISASTER and I totally agree with it. “I believe the feminist movement has lost focus. Changing a word in a song?  Bigger fish to fry. Like battered women, forced marriages, rape, lack of pay equity, the glass ceiling, sexual harrassment, poverty, etcetcetc…”
RIGHT?? Can someone please make this man the boss of feminism cause lol ladies obvs we can’t do this by ourselves. We just look so silly. It’s obvious worrying about GENDER NEUTRAL pronouns takes up the entire space in feminist conversations.
Like it’s not as though males make it further in society because they have white and masculine sounding names. It’s not like being a woman and a writer or a black woman writer or a trans* person existing AT ALL shoves you into a specific category ok? It is so obvious to me and the other feminists who are NOT like these ladies. You know in some ways feminism has already done too much. Like if you were white and middle class your mother used to be able to stay home and raise kids. I mean we’ve always had women of color to clean and cook for us but they just like working you know.
Once you start making changes to our songs that we tie our cultural identity to, it is just taking things too far you know? We can’t just, like include everybody.

Just Say No: Why You Shouldn’t Study Sex Work in School

Originally posted on autocannibal:

Before I finished my BA, I encountered a social worker who was working on her MA. Her politics were generally pro-decriminalization, but she also liked to trade in horror stories about women whose vaginas fell out from having so much sex. She had secured the cooperation of a rescue organization that collaborated with police to be allowed to study their Very Marginalized Whores. She wanted my help nailing down her research question.

“Don’t do this study,” I said. “Find something else to research.”

“OMG why are you so mean?” was more or less her answer.

I’m finishing one MA and starting another right now. In my first MA, I have studied sex work for a few years. In my second MA, I will not study sex work. I am going to explain why, and I hope others in the same position will also choose not to study sex work.

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